Maker Faire Bay Area 2014

Nerding For Nature: Leveraging Open Source Technology for Eco-Research

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Sunday1:30 PM2:00 PMMake: Live StageNo Video Available

We're developing low-cost DIY-oriented environmental sensor prototypes and demo projects, with the common goal of learning about the earth's natural systems and managing natural resources. Urban air quality monitoring sensors and calibration is an ongoing interest. In recent collaboration with USGS and openCTD, we are exploring water quality and wildlife monitoring tools. We are evaluating various wireless technologies for smart and resilient remote sensor networks. We have demonstrated robotics-based applications as well, mapping water quality with floating UAVs and finding new species in local lakes via openROV cameras.

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Ken McGary — Core Organizer, Nerds For Naature

Nerds For Nature

Capable circuit designer and experienced solder slinger, likes to drive fast oscilloscopes around sharp corners. Citizen scientist, urban parks advocate, Nerd For Nature!