Maker Faire Bay Area 2013

Meet the Young Makers

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Saturday1:30 PM2:30 PM

What inspires young people to start making? What are they capable of making? Why do they find it fun and interesting? What do they learn and where does it take them? Mark Greenlaw will interview six young makers from all over the US and beyond. Come see their amazing projects and meet some inspired kids!



Mark Greenlaw


Mark Greenlaw is Vice President, Sustainability and Educational Affairs at Cognizant and creator of Cognizant's Making the Future program. Making the Future is themed on the Maker Movement and seeks to inspire young learners in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines through fun, hands-on learning opportunities. With Cognizant's support, Mark helped launch the Maker Education Initiative last May at Maker Faire along with the other founding partners and is now on the non-profit's Board. He also sits on Citizen's Schools National STEM Advisory Council and Massachusetts State Board. Previously, he was Cognizant's Chief Information Officer and had a 26 year IT career before launching Cognizant's STEM education initiatives and getting involved in the Maker Movement.

Sydney Murphy and Ksenia Medvedeva

Sydney Murphy and Ksenia Medvedeva, both age 11, formed Team Folktails to create realistic mermaid tails. The girls will reveal just how deep their water dream runs. Since January, Team Folktails has been testing tail shapes, materials and techniques to design a wearable tail that will look and behave in the water like a real mermaid. They based their tail shape on a combination of two fish tails that worked best in their small-scale tests. For a scaly skin they tried everything from liquid latex to bubble-wrap before settling on a combination of fabric and acrylic paint.

Linh Nguyen

Linh is a musician and Maker. She is attending Swarthmore next year. Linh built an electric guitar with a lighted fret board. She constructed the guitar from wood using the band saw, drill and wood glue. She wired up the pickup coils into the body of the guitar. The lighted fret board lights up certain LED's that go with certain notes and octaves and they are on beat!

Joseph DeRose


Joseph is part of a team of young makers ages 14-18 who created the Viper, a Battlestar Galactica-themed flight simulator that was constructed by the team above (with help of some adult mentors) over the course of 8 months. It consists of the fuselage of a Piper aircraft mounted on a motion frame they designed that is capable of full 360-degree motion on two axes. The original inspiration for the project came from a visit to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum where two of the team rode in the flight simulator there. That simulator was capable of 360-degree motion on one axis, and they wondered if they could build something better. Members of the team have been exhibiting novel projects at Maker Faire since 2008, including a large format multi-touch computer display, an animatronic fire-breathing dragon, and a fire arts project connected to the "Guitar Hero" video game.

Gabriel Diaz Yanten

Gabriel Diaz Yanten is a 15 year old paleo illustrator and dinosaur puppet maker. He created a homemade T- Rex animatronic 12.8 feet large and 8.2 feet long that he named Anacleto. His uncle, who is a mechanic, helped him build the dinosaur's moving structure. He's also a member of the paleontological society of Chile and has worked as a guide in the Disney Channel Animatronic Exposition. This year he's been invited with his T-Rex as an exhibitor in the San Francisco Maker Faire.

Joey Hudy

My name is Joe Hudy. I'm 16 years old and attend ASU Herberger Young Scholars Academy in Phoenix, AZ. I have invented the 3x3x3 led arduino shield, SMD led arduino shield and the Extreme Marshmallow Canon. I love to go to Maker Faire's to see all my friends. I want to be a Electrical Engineer and work for Maker Media.


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