Maker Faire Bay Area 2014

Meet Modio, a new app that lets you design and print your own toys at home

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Sunday11:30 AM12:00 PMMaker Pro StageNo Video Available

Modio, it's the new app that lets you design & customize incredible creatures and turn them into toys using a desktop 3D printer. Easy to use drag and drop functionality lets you build creatures, characters and constructs free-form or from pre-designed templates. Customization features including surface textures let you personalize your creation and then, with the press of a button, your parts are magically sorted by color and prepped to print. So the app is fun but the outcome is also outstanding. With Modio, you get to play! These creations are printed bit by bit and designed to snap together and provide some pretty amazing pose-ability.



Wayne Losey — Chief Creative Officer


Wayne is a career toy maker who has migrated from traditional toys to push the boundaries of 3D printed products & now brings his expertise to the digital world as the Chief Creative Officer at modio

Hilmar Gunnarsson — CEO


Hilmar is the founder and CEO of Modio, a startup focusing on enabling anyone to build, modify and 3D print amazing toys and creations.