Maker Faire Bay Area 2013

Mauro’s Pianos

In early February, artist Mauro Ffortissimo brought a grand piano to the beach in Half Moon Bay and for two weeks he played at sunset to growing crowds. The project was called Sunset Piano. When the piano had to be removed, he destroyed it ceremoniously in flames. Here are its charred remains.

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About the Maker

Mauro Ffortissimo

Mauro ffortisimo (1962) Argentinean/Italian/American. Grew up in Argentina, where interest in art and music lead him to study classical piano and visual arts. Emigrated to California in 1981 to further his artistic explorations, taking classes in print making, sculpture and painting in numerous academies: San Mateo College, Art Institute, and Berkeley Extension. Founding member of "849 Folsom Music" a 13 member music and spoken word performance troop that brought vital energy to the San Francisco "South Market" artist underground scene in the pre-dot com years of the late 80's.
rnFounding member of the Enso Art Collective and the Miles Davis Memorial Hall, Mauro has been investigating sounds with the deconstruction of pianos, becoming more able to expand the 12-tone scale. He does not subscribe to the romantic notion of a solitary artist, a suffering individual, hidden in a state of despair, creating work that only few can appreciate, instead Mauro travels the world, looking to the mundane, the sacred and the original with the same eyes, and listening to the music of diverse cultures, bringing it all home to work with it's particular way of assimilation making art and music available to the community. When not traveling, Mauro lives in Half Moon Bay, California, where with wife/artist Carrie Hollister and nine cats, runs the Enso Yoga Studio and Art Center.


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