Maker Faire Bay Area 2013

A New Way to Make Music with Natural 3D Motion

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Sunday2:30 PM3:00 PMNo Video Available

Making new instruments has always been part of music's progress through society, and technology has afforded tremendous innovation. Adam Somers has taken a leap into the future of music by creating powerful new instruments for the Leap Motion Controller, a 3-D motion control device that senses both hands and all fingers at up to 1/100th millimeter. In this hands-off live demo, Adam will discuss the making of Air Harp and Air Beats, and how his Leap Motion instruments can open new possibilities for musicians and makers of all levels.


Adam Somers — Developer and Founder

Handwavy LLC

Adam has been a music tech maker for over a decade, studying and hacking at CalArts, CCRMA, and Universal Audio. He recently founded Handwavy to develop delightful creative applications for emerging natural user interface platforms such as Leap Motion. Adam seeks to define new ways for people to interact with computers, with a strong focus on music creation.