Maker Faire Bay Area 2013

Kinect Open VJ Platform

Open VJ Platform is a project aimed at providing performers with an easy way to create engaging real-time visuals for performances.

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About the Maker

Ben McChesney

Ben McChesney has an eccentric passion for making shiny and fun installations. With the Microsoft Kinect sensor his focus shifted from a flash web developer towards Open Frameworks and creating physical experiences. The result of this new direction led him to join Helios Interactive, an experience design studio in San Francisco, and spearhead their development team in multi-touch and gesture based installations. He is a recent graduate from Rochester Institute of Technologyu2019s New Media Design and Imaging degree program. In his free time Ben is an amateur economist, musician, and a heck of a dancer. Someday he hopes to use data visualization and open source to make the world a better place.