Maker Faire Bay Area 2014

How to Build a Portal Turret (Without Expensive Equipment)

DayStart TimeEnd TimeLocationsVideo Coverage
Sunday4:30 PM4:45 PMMake: Electronics StageNo Video Available

I am building a fully-functional turret from the video game ''Portal 2'' and plan to complete it by April 1st. In my presentation, I will demonstrate the turret's capabilities, including motion detection and tracking, shooting Nerf darts, and retractable side panels. I will also talk about the building process and show photos and video. I will show that anyone can make things, even without a ''real'' workshop. I use commonly available tools like a screwdriver and drill, and a soldering iron to assemble the electronics, which are programmed with the free Arduino compiler.


Emiko Soroka

I'm Emi, a high school student concurrently enrolled at SMC. I love building things in my spare time, and am excited to exhibit at Maker Faire 2014! I'm a big fan of Portal 2 turrets, so I built one!


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