Maker Faire Bay Area 2014

How and Why To Teach Children to Code

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Saturday4:30 PM5:00 PMMake: Education Stage

Presidents, Prime Ministers, Silicon Valley billionaires, and members of the maker community are calling for children to code but what does that mean? Web sites and non-profit organizations have been created based on the assumption that self-selecting kids will teach themselves. Such an approach leaves too much to chance and assures inequitable opportunity. A presenter with 30+ years of experience will explore the how, what, and why of teaching computer science to children in a developmentally appropriate fashion so they learn a lot more than just how to code. Pedagogical strategies will be shared.

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Gary Stager — Executive Director

Constructing Modern Knowledge

Dr. Gary Stager is considered one of the world's leading experts and advocates for computer programming, robotics and learning-by-doing in classrooms. He is the co-author of ''Invent To Learn...''


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