Maker Faire Bay Area 2013

Hacker Scouts: a new approach to STEAM education

DayStart TimeEnd TimeLocationsVideo Coverage
Saturday11:00 AM11:30 AM

Hacker Scouts is a national youth organization dedicated to STEAM education and skill building. Founders will discuss the program's approach, how to get involved and why it is so relevant to the future of technology and kids.


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Samantha Cook

Samantha has an MA in Education, specializing in Museum and Non-Profit based learning. She has two decades of experience in educational programming, outreach, and the arts and is a dedicated teacher and learner. In addition to writing and blogging about feminism, parenting, art & technology, education reform, and homeschooling for major publications, she educates her three children at home. Samantha has started many grassroots groups and is an active member of the hacker/maker and homeschooling communities. Samantha has been a speaker and advocate for Ace Monster Toys and Mothership Hackermoms at the Maker Faire and Mini Maker Faire 2012 events.

Garratt Gallagher

Garratt is a roboticist. His maker journey started in college, when he built his first robot to follow light. Since then, Garratt has earned degrees in Physics, Electrical Engineering and Robotics, and built many robots along the way. He has enabled robots to load dishwashers, sort boxes, and navigate autonomously. Garratt worked at robotics facilities like iRobot and the MIT robotics lab. He is currently building educational and commercial robotics platforms out of his garage in Oakland.