World Maker Faire New York 2013

Getting it Made: Stories from Shenzhen

DayStart TimeEnd TimeLocationsVideo Coverage
Sunday1:00 PM1:30 PMNo Video Available

bunnie will share some stories about crossing the gap from a single home-made prototype to mass production, using supply chain services located in the Shenzhen area of China.


Bunnie Huang

bunnie loves hardware. He loves to make it, and to break it; he loves the smell of it. His passion for hardware began in elementary school, and since then he has garnered a PhD at MIT in EE, and has designed nanophotonic silicon chips, wireless radios, consumer electronics, robotic submarines, and other things. He wrote a book on reverse engineering, "Hacking the Xbox", and released an open implementation of a man-in-the-middle attack on HDCP -- enabling overlays on encrypted video without circumventing copyright controls. His design contributions include a line of open hardware internet appliances for chumby industries, and a geiger counter reference design aimed at improving radiation monitoring by civilians in Japan. bunnie is also an educator; he serves as a Research Affiliate for the MIT Media Lab, technical advisor for several hardware startups and MAKE magazine, and shares his experiences manufacturing hardware in China through his blog. He currently lives in Singapore.


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