Maker Faire Bay Area 2014

From Concept to Consumer — Searching for the Next Steve Jobs

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Sunday12:00 PM12:30 PMCenter StageWatch Video

In this talk, Brady and Katherine will represent two ends of an innovator's journey; from concept to consumer
Brady Forrest, who leads the Highway 1 accelerator program will speak to a company's earliest stages u2014 taking something from concept, to prototype, to manufacturable product. He will speak to some of the common pitfalls and often underutilized resources for hardware startups
Katherine Hague, co-founder of ShopLocket, has worked with hundreds of companies launching and growing hardware businesses online. She will speak to the challenges of rising above the noise to launch a consumer product.

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Katherine Hague — Co-Founder


Katherine Hague is Co-Founder of ShopLocket, a PCH Solutions company and platform for hardware entrepreneurs looking to bring innovative products to life and into the hands of visionary consumers.

Brady Forrest — VP


Brady Forrest is the Head of PCH's new incubator, Highway1, and is on the lookout for the next great piece of hardware.