World Maker Faire New York 2013


FlowX26 is a life-size version of the mobile app Flow Free. Instead of connecting circles using your finger, people will be walking on tiles that will light up. The game board is an interactive platform that reacts to steps.


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Lendy Dunaway

My education includes art, design and architecture as well as engineering. I wrote software for 20 years. I now do industrial design and fabrication. My favorite thing is hosting a Young Makers club.

Davis Dunaway

I'm currently in 9th grade at Harker high school. I'm currently interested in physics, computer science, and electrical engineering. On an non-academic front, my hobbies are strategy games, trampolini

Sami McGinnis

I'm 13 years old and will be starting 8th grade at Valley Christian Jr. High this fall. I love music and play alto saxophone in jazz band. My interests include reading, medical science, and engineerin

Matthew Tung

I am an incoming freshman at Saratoga High School. Personally, I am interested in building things, like models; software; and music. I am in marching band and also jazz band. Music is an essential par

Andrew Ke

Andrew is a 9th grade student and aspiring maker and programmer with several significant Arduino projects under his belt.rn