World Maker Faire New York 2013

Farm Hack: A Community for Open-Source Farm Tool Innovation

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Saturday3:30 PM4:15 PM

Farm Hack is about enabling sustainable farms to build, create, or obtain the scale appropriate tools they need. We bring together farmers and makers together to document tool online and in person.n nWe are excited to engage more Makers with our community, to show them how we've taken open-source principles and applied them to farm tools. We hope to inspire Makers to channel some of their energies into projects that can help solve problems faced by their local farm and to attend Farm Hack events in their region!


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Dorn Cox — Director

Green Start

Founding member of Farmhack community. Farmer and biofuel researcher, and finishing PhD in Natural Resources and Earth Systems Science.

Louis Thiery — Embedded Systems Developer and Business Director


Early member of the Farm Hack community. Open-hardware developer and enthusiast, Louis is interested in making wireless sensor networks and alert systems more accessible and affordable to farms.

Rob Rock — Owner

Pitchfork Farm

I've been farming for 10 years and building my own custom farm equipment for 7. I've taught myself metalworking, electronics, and mechanical design so I could create technology appropriate for the s

Andy Wekin — Engineer

Pedal Power Engineering

Andy is the co-founder of Pedal Power Engineeringnand has served as a consultant to UVM Engineering and MIT D-Labs. He has a BA from Williams College and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from WSU