Maker Faire Bay Area 2014

e-Health Hacks, Sensors, and Saving Lives

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Saturday5:00 PM5:30 PMMake: Electronics Stage

Using sensors and e-Health sensor platform (from Cooking Hacks, Libelium's DIY division), inventor Michael Script created a sophisticated device that will prevent millions of babies from dying of infant pneumonia by accurately measuring breath rate. The sensor platform allows for the integration of multiple biometric tests (breath rate, body position, etc.) and Script found he could link body position, heart rate, and a breath monitor to derive an accurate breath rate. At $15-$20/unit, the game-changing INSPIRE devices are accessible, and have the potential to save millions of young lives. This is innovation and problem solving at its finest.


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Michael Script


An innovator of medical products and services, Michael Script is an inventor, maker, and strategist. He is the CEO and managing member of Guardit Technologies, LLC, and inventor of the INSPIRE device.