World Maker Faire New York 2013

Dodecado: Light up your space one block at a time

Imagine having your own building blocks of light that you can sculpt and reshape as you desire with unlimited possibilities. Light up your living space, desk space, work space, outdoors, etc. Do more with Dodecado.

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Eihab Baqui

Eihab completed his B.Eng. at Concordia University in Electrical Engineering and has since accumulated 8 years of experience in the LED lighting industry. He currently holds 6 patents.

Sarathkumar Kumaraiah

Sharath is a multi-skilled engineer, designing products from scratch. Everything from industrial, to circuitry and electronics, he has 12 years of experience in the LED industry and holds 6 patents.

Imtiaz Ahmed Baqui

Imtiaz has a 30 years of experience in the electrical, telecom and communications network industry, managing projects close to a US$100m.

Rajuran Lingesparan

Raj is a conceptual illustrator and graphic artist extraordinaire, working on website design and conceptual sketches. He also works as a production manager bringing forth over 5 years of experience.

Ganeya Gajaram

Ganeya has extensive experience in Marketing and Media Relations; creating content and publishing materials. She is the liaison between the consumer/public and the company.