Maker Faire Bay Area 2013

Dezso Molnar and Matt Riese: Extraordinary Vehicle Makers

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Saturday2:00 PM2:30 PM

Motorcycles that fly? A gull-wing car that walks on water? Meet Dezso Molnar, maker of gyrocycles, and Matt Riese, maker of the DeLorean Hovercraft.

Hosted by MAKE's Keith Hammond.


Dezso Molnar

Dezso Molnar invented the "Gyrocycle", a street-legal aircraft, and the Mattel DM2 digital remixer. He was on the flight test crew at Rocket Racing League, was the crew chief for "The Spirit of America" land speed racing team, a judge for the X Prize, and worked at Truax Engineering to build the first private spacecraft intended for manned flight. He is a pilot, flew in the US Air Force, holds a BS degree from Embry-Riddle University, and appears as a guest judge on "The Big Brain Theory".

Keith Hammond — Projects Editor


Keith Hammond delights in all manifestations of recreational hydrodynamics. He is a daddy and husband, wannabe astronaut, and OG Star Wars geek (down from '77). He owns 10 surfboards and one soldering iron.

Matt Riese

Matt is a Bay Area native, majored in philosophy at UC Santa Cruz, traveled the world, then build a hovering Delorean for fun. He is now seeking employment.


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