Maker Faire Bay Area 2014

danceroom Spectroscopy: Navigating the Nanoworld

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Sunday2:30 PM3:00 PMMake: Live StageNo Video Available

dS is a unique project that's part video game, part art installation, part musical instrument, and part immersive science visualization. It brings together scientists and artists who are motivated by a desire to reveal and interpret our connection to the beautiful and subtle microscopic world. And it gives audience members the opportunity to see their own energy field, and use it to dance, sculpt, and play with a simulation of the otherwise invisible atomic world. It is used in public art galleries, schools, and festivals to make serious science seriously fun!

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David Glowacki — Professor

Stanford / Univeristy of Bristol

David Glowacki is Royal Society Research fellow, jointly based at Stanford and Bristol (UK). His scientific research straddles the boundary where physics meets chemistry, he is the inventor of dS.