Maker Faire Bay Area 2014

Cylon.js: The JavaScript Evolution Of Open Source Robotics

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Sunday4:45 PM5:00 PMMake: Electronics StageNo Video Available

The robotics revolution has already begun. You can even buy drones and robotic devices at local retail stores. Unfortunately, it has been too hard to develop code for robots, and nearly impossible to create solutions that integrate multiple different kind of devices.
That is why we created Cylon.js, a JavaScript framework for open source robotics & the Internet of Things. Cylon.js makes it easy to write apps that communicate with many different kinds of hardware devices all at the same time. The time has come for the next generation of open source robotics, and Cylon.js can help lead the way!



Ron Evans — Ringleader

The Hybrid Group

Software developer, contributor to open source, author and speaker, iconoclast. Ringleader at The Hybrid Group ( Creator of Cylon.js (http://cylon.js)

Adrian Zankich — Serious Programming Guy

The Hybrid Group

''Serious Programming Guy'' at The Hybrid Group. Contributor to many open source projects. Speaker and expert at live 'RobotOps'.