Maker Faire Bay Area 2014

Customize Your Own Sketchbook Cover

These notebooks are a place to record ideas, thoughts, memories, observations, and inspirations. rnrnDesigned, sourced and made in Oakland.


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About the Maker

Bernee Lee

Bernee Lee is an avid sketcher, hand writer of ideas on paper. Believing that hand writing helps our brain process. She produced a series of sketchbooks and planners that supports dream planning and to make things happen.rnrnBernee has received recognition and awards both in Australia and America. She has worked on varied client projects from small businesses to blue-chip companies. Industries including retail, fashion, food, non-profit, education, publishing, consumer products, medical and the arts. Some of her work is carried in retail stores across America and Hong Kong. It is owned by prominent people in business and politics including The Obama family, Jeff Mendelsohn, and Mariam Naficy. She is down-to-earth, casual and reliably creative. She came from a family of civic minded publishers, and entrepreneurs, her great grand father started in 1919 of which up to now exists. She is currently working as a Creative Director enjoying innovative projects, clients who believes that visual communication can make a difference in their business and constantly sketching her ideas and thoughts down on paper. You can contact her via fb, phone or email.rnrn