Maker Faire Bay Area 2013

Crowdsourcing Space

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Saturday5:00 PM6:00 PM

Crowdsource the Final Frontier! Meet the people who raised funds for building satellites, rockets and more! They will tell their success stories, and give advice to future space project Makers.

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Samuel Coniglio

Samuel Coniglio is a veteran space activist, former Vice President of the Space Tourism Society, formerly of the X PRIZE Foundation and McDonnell Douglas.

Peter Platzer

Peter Platzer, CEO of NanoSatisfi. Peter is a high-energy physicist who passionately believes that everyone should have access to space. Originally from Austria, he trained at CERN and the Max Planck Institute before turning to business with the Boston Consulting Group in Germany, Singapore, and Thailand. Peter started a quantitative investment management firm out of Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar, and has spent the past decade on Wall Street, including with Deutsche Bank and The Rohatyn Group. After attending Singularity University's inaugural Executive Program in 2009 and realizing the potential for commercial space exploration, Peter decided to leave finance to pursue his true passions u2013 space and education. He went on to graduate from the masters program at the International Space University, interned at NASA Ames' Space Portal, and started NanoSatisfi in 2012 to make space exploration available to everyone. Peter also continues to serve as a Career Coach at HBS.

Manu Sharma

Manu Sharma is an Aerospace Engineer, maker, and entrepreneur. He is an alumni of Singularity University and currently attends Stanford as a graduate student. In 2012, Manu Co-Founded Infinity Aerospace with a vision of building platform technology for space. He's been building machines, rockets, and airplanes since childhood and enjoys programming in his spare time. His passions include unmanned aviation, space and product design.

Darlene Damm

Darlene Damm founded DIYROCKETS to create a more efficient, open, and entrepreneurial space industry that better utilizes talent and resources to explore the universe in a way that benefits all. She has over a decade of experience building ecosystems that unlock the entrepreneurial power of individuals, communities, companies and countries to innovate and collaborate. She built Ashoka's fundraising and operating system allowing it to partner with thousands of corporate and philanthropic partners to help make social entrepreneurship common practice throughout the word today. Prior to Ashoka, beginning at the age of 19, she started and managed multiple initiatives that created pathways for formerly closed and impoverished countries such as Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia to enter an open and entrepreneurial global economy. She received her bachelor's degree in History from Stanford University, her master's degree in International Affairs from Johns Hopkins SAIS and studied exponential technologies at the Singularity University. Her writings on entrepreneurship have been published in Forbes and the Huffington Post.

Tim DeBenedictis

Tim DeBenedictis, Founder/Owner, Southern Stars Group, LLC has been writing astronomy software since his high school days. After graduating from MIT in 1993 with a degree in Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary science, Tim found himself in Silicon Valley when the internet boom began. He held engineering positions at several financial services and technology companies throughout the dot-com boom, and returned to his "astronomical roots" after the bust. Tim was also one of the two principal designers behind Southern Stars' award-winning SkySafari iPhone app and SkyFi wireless telescope controller. Tim and Southern Stars conducted a successful campaign to fund an educational CubeSat mission called SkyCube, due for launch in 2013. Tim currently resides in San Francisco, California. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, backpacking, skiing, and sailing in San Francisco Bay.


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