World Maker Faire New York 2013

Teaching Color Theory and Painting Techniques through Circuitry

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The author describes how a kit of craft-compatible circuit building materials,which she has been designing to familiarize non-technical audiences to learn about circuitry and novel materials, also provides new alternative avenues to teach color theory and painting techniques.She defends how the open source movement and the hacker/maker subculture by making accessible technology for creative amateurs has opened an innovative space for research on interdisciplinary perspectives of STEAM education.As an art teacher, expands on new experimental opportunities for art education to engage in a creative context non-technical people learn technologyn



Paola Guimerans

PhD. Candidate at College of Fine Arts Complutense University, Madrid

I am an artist and educator. As a proponent of the maker movement, my work explore new expressions of interactive art and interdisciplinary educational approaches.