World Maker Faire New York 2013

How Makers & Other 3D-Printing Players Can Help Create a Re-Industrializing 3DP “Ecosystem” in NYC

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Saturday11:30 AM12:00 PM

Our 3DP-driven, DIY citizen-Makers are leading our governments' economic-development policy makers. & "This Week in NYC3DP" Publisher will present his insightful perspective on the development of NYC's 3DP, world-beating "cluster." These novel views stem from reporting on bottom-up, DIY Makers, key 3DP product/services companies, tech startups, public officials, economic development players, educators, non-profits, foundations, et al. We—citizens of New York—need to foster our Nation's biggest & best re-industrialization HERE. With its "hand-made," tech empowerment, 3DP will drive our City's manufacturing makeover. 3DPers, Join In!

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Land Grant — Cofounder & Publisher

Cofounder of, "This Week in NYC3DP" & "NY3DP Week"—dedicated to helping build NYC 3DP community, jobs & an industrial-segment cluster: all via 3D-Printing commerce & commonweal betterment.


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