Maker Faire Bay Area 2014

catle pult

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bryan berra

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Other exhibits in this group:

Goo Station

I am making a goo station to share with people who come to maker faire.

Plastic Mold Vacuform

I am making a vacuum forming machine that makes plastic molds.

FBI Earpieces

Headphones, battery

EV for the Exited Driver

Converting a gas vehicle to an electric vehicle.


I'm building a harp case with lasers built in, it will use photo detectors to sense when fingers block the lasers it will also be connected to a computer and garage band.

catle pult

more coming soon

solar panel car

trun a car in to solar panel

dance with lights

My name is Alix Plascencia, I'm 18 years old and I go to Lighthouse Community Charter School. My project is a sea themed dress that consists of a corset and tutu, and has LED's that light up as you dance.


It is a three wheel bike that we are making from scratch. We will design and weld the frame together. We will have one front wheel that will use peddles to make the Driftcycle move forward and the two wheels in the back swing


We made a quadcopter. Me and my partner wanted to build something that involved flying and remote control so this is what we decided on. We added additional things like propeller guards to make the quadcopter better.


UseYourHead is a robot controlled by a MindWave headband. Instead of using an Arduino we are using an NXT Lego controller. The MindWave headband will be able to read your brain waves, which will tell the robot what to do.

Electrical Go-Kart

Our project is an electrical go kart that we have built it from parts to having a working finish complete project.


We are a group of three Jocelyn, Hector, and Erandy with a passion for engineering. We are building a miniature city using LED lights, wood, and other materials. We will program the LED lights so they can be the center of at

Project FreeLancer

Our project is a airplane we made from foam,and mechanics made to fly exceptionally fast,by making it aerodynamic.

The Hangout Bench

My group and I are building a wooden bench that will surrounding a tree at our school and will be used to make people sit comfortable and talk to each other. We will have it connected in parts so we can take it apart whenever

Light Up

We are building a scarf, each of our own but it will light up by using LED lights. In the beginning we knit our scarf and we are complete with our project we weave the wires from the LED lights into our scarves to hide them.

Solar Chargers

In this project we plan on creating solar power gadgets to charge devices. One idea that we are going to start with is creating a solar power Altoids case.

Lighthouse Creativity Lab

Come make with us! Our K-12 students will be sharing projects and leading activities for children and adults. We will be showcasing a mind-controlled robot, an LED dress, a go-cart, and a variety of arts and crafts.


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