Maker Faire Bay Area 2013

Cacophony on Demand: Making your Own Culture

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John Law

John Law has been integrally involved in creating underground culture for 35 years. He has climbed the Golden Gate Bridge over 100 times. He joined the San Francisco Suicide Club in 1977 and helped create the Cacophony Society in the mid-80's. He was co-founder of the Burning Man Festival (an organization he parted ways with in 1996). Under the pseudonym Jack Napier, He co-founded the Billboard Liberation Front; this group is generally credited as one of very first "Culture Jamming" groups. Law is a minority partner along with fellow Cacophonist and Primary Tentacle Scott Beale in Laughing Squid

David Pescovitz

David Pescovitz is managing partner and co-editor of Boing Boing, research director at Institute for the Future, and editor-at-large of MAKE. He also has written for Wired, Scientific American, New Scientist, the New York Times, and many other publications. (Photo credit: Ransom & Mitchell)

Carrie Galbraith

An early Cacophony member, Carrie Galbraith maintained the Cacophony precepts in her travels and while living abroad, pranking the Venice Biennele and other venues in Italy as well as events while a Fulbright Scholar in Romania. Galbraith picked up a Rough Draft newsletter in a cafu00e9 in San Francisco in 1986. She attended her first event shortly thereafter and immediately subscribed to Rough Draft. She then became involved for many years in both the Editorship of Rough Draft and producing many types of events including initiating the Zone Trip concept, the Atomic Cafu00e9 and others


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