World Maker Faire New York 2014

Build Your Own Biorobotic Remote-Control Venus Flytrap

DayStart TimeEnd TimeLocationsVideo Coverage
Saturday4:15 PM4:30 PMMake: Electronics Stage

In this talk we'll explore our project from v. 39 and the intersection of biology and robotics u2014 by creating a demonstrating a remote-controlled Venus flytrap that can close its leaf on our command!nnWe'll:nn * Explain the project background, present state of biorobotics and future implicationsnn * Show how to make your own biorobotnn * Demonstrate a venus-flytrap closing on command!

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Jordan Husney

Jordan Husney is Director at Undercurrent, a transformation firm and digital think tank in lower Manhattan. Jordan helps advise global businesses and complex organizations on the future.

Sasha J. Wright — Professor of Biology

Bard College

Sasha teaches ecology and plant physiology at Bard College and formerly an ecologist at the Jena Biodiversity Experiment, where she designed computer models to predict the effects of climate change.