World Maker Faire New York 2013

BeagleBone Black: Control the Physical World with Bonescript

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Saturday4:00 PM4:30 PM
Sunday4:30 PM5:00 PMNo Video Available

BeagleBone Black is a $45, 1GHz ARM computer that ships with a Linux distribution on its on-board 2GB flash and has extensive I/O capabilities. I'll demonstrate how easily one can wire up LEDs, buttons & sensors using Bonescript in a browser-based IDE called Cloud9. BoneScript is a Javascript Node.js library which features familiar Arduino function calls. Your Bonescript code will be interacting with the physical world in no time, whether you have experience with Arduino, web development or none at all! Reference blog post:

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Drew Fustini — Software Developer


Drew Fustini: software developer for element14 Community; member of Chicago hackerspace, Pumping Station: One; advocate of Open Source Software & Hardware; enchanted by electronics & embedded systems