World Maker Faire New York 2013

Baltimore Burners Go Karts

"Liability Risk" and the "BaHa buggy" are two $500 go karts built from modified Power Wheels chassis. These karts were built with help from Baltimore Hackerspace, a 501c(3) hackerspace based out of Rosedale MD.

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Miles Pekala

Miles Pekala is a Robotic Scientist from Baltimore. In his spare time he builds things Sometimes they explode. In 2009 he helped found Baltimore Hackerspace of which he is still a member.

Jeremy Ashinghurst

Jeremy is an Engineer currently living in Baltimore MD working for Black and Decker. He builds and races downhill gravity racers and comes around to Baltimore Hackerspaces in his free time.

Brice Farrell

Brice currently lives in Baltimore MD. Along with Jeremy he builds and races downhill gravity racers for the MISFIT racing club. He is also a member of Baltimore Hackerspace.


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