World Maker Faire New York 2014

Automated Adaptive Directed Evolution Chamber

The Automated Adaptive Directed Evolution Chamber is a machine that evolves microorganisms based on a set of user defined criteria. Eventually we hope that we can make an organism tough enough to survive on Mars.

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Mike Grace

Mike is a molecular biology research consultant. He has a BA in economics and plays too much Kerbal Space Program. The idea of directed evolution tickles him pink.

Nathan Wong

Nathan is a newly minted electrical engineer from San Jose State University situated in the dark heart of Silicon Valley. He manages a student engineering team on his current project.

Amy Moffet

Amy is a bioengineer by day and also a bioengineer by night. She's reliable like that. Amy's been directing a team of undergraduate researchers in her current job.

Aaron Storrs

Every young man gets to that age when he can't get robots off his mind. Aarons been there for a while now. He's a robotics engineering student at UCSC.

Stephanie Owyang

Stephanie is a senior electrical engineering student at UCSC. She likes analog circuit design and working way too much.