World Maker Faire New York 2013

Air-crafts, Hovercrafts & Quadcopters for the Masses!

Learn all about the physics of flight, basic circuitry, Arduinos and controlling motors by building your own cheap, easy to build, open-source, fully-functional air-crafts, hovercrafts & quadcopters. Come build one with us! Also come learn about our kickstarter project, TeslaTruck, a mobile maker-space for the masses!

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Aditya Kumarakrishnan

A mathematical physicist by trade, Aditya has been an aspiring maker ever since he was a child. Flight being one of his passions, he's helped design easy to build, open-source designs for aircrafts.

Arun Kumarakrishnan

A computer scientist by trade, Arun has has been a maker of airplanes ever since he can remember. rnrnHe has been working on an affordable, autonomous, long range, humanitarian aircraft.