World Maker Faire New York 2013

A Revolution in the Making

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Saturday5:30 PM6:00 PM

Traditional retail involves guesswork, forecasting, and often times a lot of wastage in inventory and shipping costs. Makers "going pro" are looking for a new approach to manufacturing that allows for 'made-to-order' merchandise and thus supports local manufacturing rather than the traditional 'pick, pack, and ship' model for e-commerce. Zazzle co-founder Jeff Beaver and partner Klaus Wegener, Co-Founder of Caseable, will share how Zazzle's platform is transforming the commerce experience for customers from a 'buy' model to a 'make' model.

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Jeff Beaver — Co-Founder


Jeff conceived the idea and model for Zazzle together with his brother, Bobby, and father, Robert, while a student at Stanford University. Jeff worked side-by-side with Bobby to engineer the entire Zazzle website, which first launched in mid-2005. His deep passion for the online consumer directs the website experience and drives feature and product innovation. He has played an integral role in many other aspects of the company, including research and development, manufacturing, and customer service. Jeff helps to guide company direction and vision, while sharing responsibility for day-to-day operations. Jeff holds a BA in Economics from Stanford University.rn rn

Klaus Wegener, Co-Founder, Caseable — Co-Founder


Klaus Wegener is the co-founder of Caseable, an e-commerce custom case company for portable electronics. Wegener heads up the European headquarters in Berlin, where he has led Caseable's international growth within the European Union and Russia since the company's inception. Wegener and his business partner/co-founder, Marvin Amberg, have grown caseable by an impressive 400% from 2011 to 2012. Similar momentum is expected for 2013. Prior to Caseable, Wegener founded his first business called PatchPeople, an anti-mosquito patch company. He currently sits on the advisory board for R&M Wegener u2013 with almost 200 years the oldest head ware company in Europe. In 2010, Wegener was selected as a participating entrepreneur at the prestigious TED Conference. rn


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