World Maker Faire New York 2014

43oh – The Place For All Things MSP430

43oh is a place where you can share your projects and keep up on news based on the popular low power MSP430 microcontroller. Come on to our area to see flashy light demos, robots and try a hand at programming the MSP430!

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Gerard Sequeira

I've been interested in anything electrical and mechanical since I can remember. Love robots. I started 43oh as a platform for makers to share their awesome MSP430 ideas and projects.

Robert Gasiorowski

When I was 10 years old, I disassembled an old tube radio. Ever since that day, electronics have been a passion of mine. The Launchpad from TI allowed me to get my ideas to life.

Eric Brundick

Loved electronics kits since I was a kid, went off into the IT world.I picked up a LaunchPad for kicks, gave it an honest try and found myself overwhelmingly impressed by the superiority of the MSP430