Live at
World Maker Faire 2016

We have built a maze-navigating robot to simulate a rescue mission. It will identify victims with thermal sensor and dispense rescue kits along optimal paths calculated by our search algorithm. Our robot must be able to avoid obstacles along the way.

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Julian Lee

I am 13 years old and a 8th grader. I have always been interested in problem solving, and algorithms. My passion for math and science led me to robotics and to attend Storming Robots at 4th grade. I have been attending SR ever since.

Jeffrey Cheng

I am 13 years old, and a 8th grader. Robotics has always been an important part of my life because of the fun from puzzle solving. This led my passion into software algorithms. I have been attending Storming Robots Robotics since 5th grade.

Stepan Gorelenkov

I am 14 years old, and a 9th grader. I go to Montgomery High School and my hobbies are playing ice hockey and doing robotics. I like robotics because it challenges me. I have been attending Storming Robots since 5th grade.