MAKE magazine and Maker Faire have worked since 2005 to tell the story of what it means to be a Maker. Through our blog, the print magazine, our video channel, our retail store, and our live events we have captured the imagination and attention of millions of people around the world.

Becoming a licensed Mini Maker Faire provides organizers access to this vibrant, diverse, and well-established international community of makers. We also provide Tools and Assistance.

An Established, Global Audience

At any given time, the MAKE universe is reaching over 6.3 million people with these stories of making and ingenuity. Some additional facts about the reach of MAKE:

  • 7.8 million monthly pageviews
  • 2.7 million monthly visitors
  • 2.1 million monthly unique visitors

MAKE Magazine

  • Paid circulation: 125,000
  • Total readership: 300,000

Maker Faire

MAKE on YouTube

  • 513,062 subscribers
  • 143,452,787 video views

MAKE Social Media Reach

  • 1.7M members on G+
  • 75K followers on Facebook
  • 78K followers on Twitter

Tools and Assistance

Branding Each fair is delivered a logo set and a website template design that builds on the distinct Maker Faire visual identity. Branding guidelines provide additional help and directions on how to leverage the brand in print, web, and on-site.

Community Organizers are invited to join an online community of Mini Maker Faire organizers to in-person gatherings at flagship Maker Faire events, the global network of Maker Faire organizers is sharing best practices, suggesting solutions, and providing peer-to-peer support.

Promotion Mini Maker Faire stories and news are featured regularly on the MAKE blog and in the print magazine calendar. Faire producers are also encouraged to write and submit maker profiles and other news to directly. Additionally, the incredible amount of positive media about Maker Faire in general is available to the local teams to help tell/support their local Maker Faire story.

Tools We’ve learned a lot building Maker Faire over the past 8 years, and we share those tools and know-how with our Mini Maker Faire network. Assets include the Mini Maker Faire Playbook, a WordPress web template, forms, contracts, educational G+ Hangouts, and one-on-one staff guidance.

Swag MAKE works to share its best-in-category books, kits and Maker Shed products through discounts exclusive to licensed fair producers, as well as give-away copies of special issues at the event itself.