Means to an End: The Convergence of Japanese and Western Woodworking Tools


Japanese and western woodworking traditions developed completely separately from each other, resulting in different styles, methods, and tools. But even with this parallel development, some striking similarities can be found between the two types of woodworking. This presentation will show how Japanese and western woodworking tools are often much more similar than they appear, with implications for makers looking for the best method of work.

Tools for Working Wood


Joel Moskowitz of Tools for Working Wood demonstrates how to sharpen woodworking tools such as chisels, plane blades, and carving tools. The tools required are minimal and can be as simple as some sheets of sandpaper.

Hosting Open Makes At Your Organization


The Tech, Lawrence Hall of Science, and Exploratorium share on hosting Open Makes. They'll focus on hosting Makes leading up to Maker Faire, the benefits to your organization, your guests, local Makers, and the world!