Making/CAD: Shaping Atoms Using Bits


Carl Bass is CEO of 3D design and engineering software company Autodesk. Bass is a maker and spends his spare time building things—from chairs and tables to boats, and most recently, an electric go-kart. He'll talk about the tools that anyone can use to bring their ideas into the physical world--from CAD software to rapid prototyping by 3D printer to CNC.n

First Annual San Jose Adult Soapbox Derby


Soapbox cars are otherwise known as gravity cars. Essentially, they are three or four wheeled vehicles that are only powered by gravity. Soapbox derbies are still fairly popular for children with nationally organized races. However, there are only a handful of adult soapbox derby events across the country. We have participated in two events; one in Nevada City, CA and the other in Portland, OR. Both events were unique in their own regard. We are ready to add our own twist to the adult soapbox derby arena with the first annual San Jose Adult Soapbox Derby. There will be three classes of cars including artistic, speed, and ultimate.

Maker to Market: Overcoming Common Roadblocks


Makers are innovators. They are trail-blazers capable of powering advancement in a range of industries. But what happens when makers run into common roadblocks u2013 like lack of funding or resources u2013 that prevent them from progressing a great idea? Join Proto Labs' Cool Idea! Award judges as they discuss where big ideas come from, the importance of creating opportunities that recognize and reward these ideas with the resources and tools necessary, the significance a working prototype plays to get others to buy into the idea (such as venture capitalists, potential backers in a crowd-funding campaign, etc.), popular hardware trends & projections.



''Gilly'' is a unique hand crafted sculpture that is the evolution of a previous work of mine, the ''Twins''. Ninety-nine percent of this material is reclaimed material from previous projects I have made over the past decade.