Making Education: Finding New Ways to Educate and Excite across All Diciplines


The maker classroom should not be limited to STEM (or STEAM), rather it should embrace all disciplines in an attempt to produce a cross-curricular culture of investigation, imagination and creation. It is an idea, a philosophy, and a change to the current state of our education system. Through this newfound interest how the world around us works, students are excited to learn, regardless of the course. Come and find out ways you can bring the excitement of making into your classroom!

3D Printing and Storytelling: LEO the Maker Prince


In this talk, Carla Diana will share research, inspiration and design work from LEO the Maker Prince, the world's first 3D printing book for kids, which comes with a number of carefully designed objects that readers can download and 3D print for free. Carla will share the process and motivations behind the project, discussing physical-digital design techniques as well as what happens when you unleash new visions out into the world and allow people to download and remix them at will.

Peace Makers


All of my art has centered around the theme of nature's interaction with mankind, bringing awareness to not only our relationship to ourselves and each other but also to our natural surrounding and our responsibility of making peace with the environment.


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