Custom Bike Frame Lighting


Create custom frame lighting for safety and effect. Use 3D printing, Arduino and building skills. We'll show how we put together a simple system to add lots of lights to your bike and control each one using an Arduino board. A 3D printed enclosure holds the controller and battery. Modify it to fit your style and needs. The LEDs are RGB.

21st Century Robot


Intel's Futurist Brian David Johnson will release the "21st Century Robot" book (published by Make) and introduce a 21st Century Robot kit that is easy to build, completely open source and filled with humanity. The idea is to enable as many people as possible to design, print and program robots.

TechGYRLS of YWCA of Silicon Valley


The overarching mission of the TechGYRLS program is to empower girls, especially underrepresented girls, to explore and gain confidence with STEM, and to encourage them to pursue careers within STEM Fields. The program promotes creativity and innovation, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication, through exposure to making with our Young Makers program.