ThreeForm with Heidi Lee


Fashion-tech innovators ThreeForm and Heidi Lee believe Design should inspire and create delight. See cutting-edge 3D printed work, learn how to make custom wearable 3D prints, create origami hats, and other fun activities.

The SmarTwatCh


The SmarTwatCh is a gigantic wrist wearable loaded with bizarre features. The 3D-printed body holds a glass VFD, laser, TV-B-Gone, Bluetooth chip, breathalyzer, and more. Wearables don't need to be subtle!

Gertie the jumping robot


Gertie is an egg-like robot that moves around by jumping! His outside is made out of silicone so that it squashes and stretches as it moves around. Swing by and press the JUMP! button to watch him hop around!

LittleCat Wireless Speakers


LittleCat is a black aluminum wireless speaker that looks like a ninja kitty, plays really loud, is extremely durable and has no cables of any kind. Stop by and play with him (but don't let him kick you in the face).

City Tech Makers


City Tech Makers are students and faculty members from the New York City College of Technology. You will see some of the exciting robots such as: TABIOS Robotic Hand, Twisted Sister Rover, Candy Crane, and Fire Fighting Robot



The Reverse Abstraction series begins with a simple premise: that humans and computers perceive the world through different languages, and what is concrete for one is abstract for the other.



The AstroPrintu2122 platform makes any 3D printer wireless, color touchscreen, and cloud aware, instantly!rnrnWith AstroPrint you can slice, organize, store, and print designs on nearly any 3D printer from any web enabled device.

A Field Guide to the Diversity of the 3D Printed World: Design and Modeling for 3D Printing (Redux)


When people ask ''What's 3D printing for?'' they expect simple answers. But in the wild, designers find uses for 3D printing in a vast range of fields. Here's a quick survey from my book-in-progress ''Design & Modeling for 3D Printing'' (MakerMedia 2014).
A number of those who I am featuring in the Field Guides are attending Maker Faire New York, and I will be introducing a handful of them and inviting them to join me on stage to share their unique perspectives to this medium.

Introduction to the Primary Approaches to Design for 3D Printing


One of the biggest obstacles for those getting started with design for 3D printing are the wide range of approaches to using design software to get what you want -- in many cases with steep learning curves for learning each new type. Core to my book in-progress ''Design & Modeling for 3D Printing'' (Make:Books 2014) are chapters guiding the reader through the basics for each of the core approaches, to prepare the reader to tackle the ''3D Design Mode'' appropriate to the task at hand. This talk offers a brisk stroll through these fundamentals from a vendor-agnostic perspective and should arm both those entirely new to 3D design and those who hav


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