String from Sticks!


Stringmaking Demonstration The knowledge of how to ply fibers into usable lengths is one of the most basic, essential and important of human life skills, and yet, most modern people have never seen it done. Cordage (string) & rope have long been utilized (and treasured) by humans from every part of the world as tools in fishing and hunting, for carrying burdens, constructing shelters, in textiles, for tying bundles of possessions together, and so on. This demonstration helps bring this essential technology to life.

Ruby Laser


This custom ruby laser was built from surplus parts, and produces enough energy in a single shot to drill holes in metal. Ruby lasers have also been used to make hologram snapshots and to measure the distance to the moon.

Making a Pinball Museum


I will talk about how we made our pinball museum and how we are working to make a restored Carnegie Library our new home. I will briefly discuss art history of pinball and our need for its preservation and appreciation. I will discuss education through fun and games and the engineering of amusement.

Making on a National Scale: NOVA’s MAKING STUFF Outreach Community


In the winter of 2013, NOVA began recruiting STEM educators from across the country for a project wherein participants would use a social media platform to collaborate on the delivery of a set of hands-on maker projects designed for middle school aged learners. Join NOVA Education and learn how the MAKING STUFF national network of 70+ sites has, over the past five months, worked together to create fun, unique, and educational maker experiences for audiences of learners nationwide.