Connected Exploration: Makers are the New Explorers of the Universe!


Over the past few years, the Maker Movement has created a whole suite of low-cost exploration tools (drones, ROVs, satellites, sensors) that rival the expensive, commercial counterparts. Along with trends in citizen science, this is reshaping the process of science and discovery, especially in fields that can benefit from large, public participation. It's more than just garage tinkering - makers are taking their tools into the natural and physical world. It's curiosity gone wild!

NASA Technology Drives Exploration (And How You Can Get Involved)


The Apollo missions blazed a path to deep space, and today NASA is working on the next giant leap: our path to Mars. Technology drives exploration, and we're building on the Apollo program's accomplishments to test and fly transformative, cutting edge technologies today for tomorrow's missions. But unlike the Apollo missions, where the public could only watch, we want you to get involved and be a part of the journey.

The Fun-o-Meter


The Employee of the Month competition is just around the corner, finally you can receive your much deserved promotion! Do you have what it takes to compete against your colleagues & climb up one rung on the corporate ladder?

The Spacetime Explorer


People learn better with their hands. The Spacetime Explorer is an interactive museum exhibit that teaches users about concepts in astrophysics in an engaging, immersive and tactile experience. rnrnrnrn



The Reverse Abstraction series begins with a simple premise: that humans and computers perceive the world through different languages, and what is concrete for one is abstract for the other.


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