The Fun-o-Meter


The Employee of the Month competition is just around the corner, finally you can receive your much deserved promotion! Do you have what it takes to compete against your colleagues & climb up one rung on the corporate ladder?

The Spacetime Explorer


People learn better with their hands. The Spacetime Explorer is an interactive museum exhibit that teaches users about concepts in astrophysics in an engaging, immersive and tactile experience. rnrnrnrn



The Reverse Abstraction series begins with a simple premise: that humans and computers perceive the world through different languages, and what is concrete for one is abstract for the other.



The BioBus is a solar-powered science lab housed in an up-cycled 1974 transit bus. Use our state-of-the-art microscopes to explore the microscopic world all around you and take home photos of your discoveries!

Play and Make Maker Kids’ Science Games!


Do you like to play games and make up games of your own? We've combined play and science to make awesome games for kids, like us, and adults to learn about freaky frogs. Come play with us and make a game of your own.



SpaceGAMBIT is an international space program run by Maui Makers for the last two years. We funded 20 projects in cooperation with makerspaces around the world.



Our weather module gets accurate weather measurements for temperature, amount of light, barometric pressure, and humidity. Based on that the computer gives a brief local weather summary about the micro weather around you.

Far Away So Close


Engage in wonderfully experimental art making. make a drawing - so tiny - only you can see ( through a microscope) or sketch a scene - so distant - you need to view it through a telescope


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