Making Health with MakerNurse Create


Makers and Health are a match aimed to make together so more people can get better and stay better. Our group took a deep dive into medical making at the American hospital and home bedside for our MakerNurse project and created a set of tools and resources open to anyone who wants to learn and generate a medical maker project. In this panel, a medical maker lab, a public health foundation, and a nurse share MakerNurse Create, an online community that invites makers to contribute their own medical making projects and learn how their contributions can impact bedside care. Join as we hack the black boxes of medical technology to improve health.

Flying Penguin


Flying Penguin is a game that encourages children with asthma between the ages of 5 and 8 to practice breathing. The goal of this game is to make a skiing penguin jump as far as possible by blowing on the beak whistle.

Cooking Hacks


Cooking Hacks, the open source hardware division of Libelium, is an online retail store that brings the Internet of Things to everyone by making electronics affordable, easy to learn, and fun. Cooking Hacks believes that when cooking and electronics projects share first class ingredients and a set of step-by-step instructions, they produce the best results. In addition to products, components, and tools, Cooking Hacks offers online tutorials and videos to make creating tasty electronics as easy as cooking. Cooking Hacks is supported by a worldwide community of developers, designers, engineers, hobbyists, inventors, and makers who love to create electronics with sensors, robotics, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi. Creators of the Arduino Xbee shield among other add-ons, Cooking Hacks is an active contributor to the maker community, bringing 3G connectivity to Arduino. In our stand you will find all our products developed since 2007, including XBee, GPRS, 3G, Radiation Sensor board, e-Health and HVAC IR Remote for Arduino and Raspberry Pi as well as Waspmote, our Open Source Sensor Platform for the Community. Visit us to meet special and funny demos based in Arduino and don't forget to attend the speech given by Mike Script, from GuardIt, about INSPIRE: the smart device which detects pneumonia in babies.

Home Kitchen Food Handling & Safety


p.o.p. candy co.'s co-founder Bill Waiste is an expert in food preparation, safety and handling, and all kitchen operations. He has 30+ years in restaurant operations and management, and has been a Certified Trainer for Prometric and the National Restaurant Association's Serve-Safe food handling programs since 2002. He has consulted for a number of restaurant and catering groups in kitchen operations and proper food handling. rnrnBill has presented on food handling in the home at Craftcation, a small business and DIY conference last year in Ventura. His presentation, ''Home Kitchen Food Handling and Safety,'' was well received and to help

Not Impossible: Hardware & Hacking for the Sake of Humanity


Not Impossible's panel, "Technology for the sake of humanity," will feature a discussion of the increasing opportunities for companies and individuals to harness the power of the maker/hacker community to develop solutions to seemingly insurmountable human challenges. Mick Ebeling, CEO and Co-Founder of Not Impossible will kick off the conversation with a presentation on Project Daniel: Using 3D printers to make arms and hands for children of war in Sudan. Project Daniel serves as a true case study for what is possible when you match creative problem solvers and brilliant technical minds with real-world health issues.


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