Visitors will be able to see and interact with several of our products as well as learn about our First Build collaborative initiative. We will be demonstrating how our smart water pitcher and our revolutionary food waste disposer work. In addition, we will be showcasing some of the innovative prototypes our community is building for our Chill Hub project.

Bringing New Life to an Old Spacecraft


In April 2014 our team set about bringing the 36 year old ISEE-3 (International Sun Earth Explorer 3) spacecraft back to operational health. The team has brought its basic systems back online for the first time in decades and will shortly resume science operations with the half dozen science experiments that are still operational. This is the first citizen science, crowd funded, crowd sourced, interplanetary space science mission.

Carbide Labs


Carbide Labs is working to make modern electronics design accessible to everyone. We'll be demonstrating the Pick 'n Paste: a low-cost desktop circuit board assembly tool. The Pick 'n Paste enables circuit design with components both smaller and more powerful than those used in typical breadboard designs. We'll be running the prototype and discussing ways the system can help your next project! Feel free to stop by!



dog hunter, a company with headquarters in the USA (Boston), in Switzerland (Zug) and in Taiwan, designs, develops and produces WiFi modules supported by the Linino distribution of Linux and aimed at the educational, hobby and industrial sectors. Through its controlled company DH Labs in Italy it designs and develops solutions for sensors' management and control for the industrial sector. Arduino Yun, Linino ONE, Linino Yun Shield, Freedog, OpenSDA, Lucky Shield for Linino ONE are the most known modules by worldwide Makers and you'll find them at dog hunter's booth, together with newly developed prototypes. A team of Linino engineers and staff will be at the booth, ready to give you demonstrations, all of the information you need and to show some of the potentialities of the WiFi modules. Some sample projects will be on show, too...come and visit the booth to be astonished by the many uses of the company's products!

Micro Center


Micro Center is introducing our new $999.99 PowerSpec 3D Pro 3D Printer at World Maker Faire New York. To celebrate, we will be giving away one of these new 3D printers per hour during World Maker Faire New York. Attendees can register in our booth for a chance to win one of the 17 new PowerSpec 3D Pro 3D Printers we will be giving away. Those who visit our booth will also receive free filaments.

ShopBot Tools


Since 1996, ShopBot Tools' mission has been to make the empowering technology of digital fabrication widely accessible and usable. ShopBot's subtractive digital fabrication (CNC) tools, working across a range of sizes, deliver the power, precision and reliability of digital tools traditionally costing thousands of dollars more. ShopBot tools are designed and built in Durham, North Carolina, USA. Stop by our booth and you'll see our popular Desktop tools and our Handibot Smart Power Tools at work! You can even enter to win a FREE Handibot Tool.

Imagining Wearables


We've seen the release of a variety of interesting electronic textile DIY platforms and a boom in consumer wearable gadgets that include self trackers and mobile phone peripherals.But what's missing? And what's coming next? How can we as makers use our making to imagine and prototype possible futures for wearable electronics? This talk will share a range of wildly imaginative projects as well as introduce areas for future making.


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