Public Lab: Collaborative Making for a Better World


Public Lab functions as a learning, living network of people who collaborate to make environmental research accessible and affordable. Hardware, software, datasets and environmental victories emerge from our social infrastructure for public research. We work online to build a global knowledge base for environmental investigation fueled by place-specific research conducted offline by local chapters. No finite amount of people could tackle a project this big--open source collaboration provides a way of working and making that enables everyone to grow their own capacity to act.nThis presentation will be given by a Public Lab Director.

Connected Exploration: Makers are the New Explorers of the Universe!


Over the past few years, the Maker Movement has created a whole suite of low-cost exploration tools (drones, ROVs, satellites, sensors) that rival the expensive, commercial counterparts. Along with trends in citizen science, this is reshaping the process of science and discovery, especially in fields that can benefit from large, public participation. It's more than just garage tinkering - makers are taking their tools into the natural and physical world. It's curiosity gone wild!

SAM, The Friendly Iot Prototyping Platform


SAM is a modular, wirless, cloud enabled, electonics prototyping platform that allows for anyone to build complex electronics systems using out simple software. The presentation will outline SAM's hardware, software, and various uses for SAM. We want to show how easy it is to use SAM to create and how it is hands-down the easiest way for anyone to make complex, wireless systems.


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