Control your Arduino with Smartphone easily with Annikken Andee


Wouldn't it be great to control your Arduino projects with your Smart devices (Android and iOS) with minimal effort? Annikken Andee is your gateway to achieve that! nAnnikken Andee is an Arduino shield that communicates with your smartphone. Using the Library for the Arduino IDE and the App downloadable from the App store/Google Play, you can create beautiful GUI on your mobile phone.
No App programming is required - because we've taken care of it!



The AstroPrintu2122 platform makes any 3D printer wireless, color touchscreen, and cloud aware, instantly!rnrnWith AstroPrint you can slice, organize, store, and print designs on nearly any 3D printer from any web enabled device.



The Kettlebug is a fitness tracker you don't have to wear. It sits on your kettlebell and tracks repetitions, pace, rest, and more, helping you build muscle along with healthy exercise habits. Visit our booth and try it out!


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