Serious Robots on a Budget


This presentation will outline how to create robots with a purpose for less then you'd ever imagine. Cost cutting strategies such as repurposing common materials, using parts from old, broken or discarded appliances, and online bargain resources will be discussed. Examples of actual, functional ''budget'' parts, such as linear slides, will be revealed. Presentation by Ben Hylak (White House Science Fair 2012, invited by both Make and Broadcom, Disney Peer Mentor 2014, and 5-time blue ribbon winner at NYC Maker Fair 2011).



To dazzle and delight the kids we have created a customizable arduino powered labyrinth. The course can be changed to be as challenging as you can dream and create! Stretch your mind in maze theory and design.

Practical Advice for Bringing Making to School


Parents of makers know that when their children are programming, building robots, and inventing, they are learning. Yet at school, learning becomes serious and sometimes boring. Why can't learning at school be like the vibrant, joyful learning we see at Maker Faire, and in homes of makers all around the world?nnIn the spirit of Maker Faire and global making, we will share practical advice for parents of makers, educators, and makers themselves who want to re-make schools into places where children love to learn once again
In true Maker fashion, everyone has a part to play in this revolution!

The Fun-o-Meter


The Employee of the Month competition is just around the corner, finally you can receive your much deserved promotion! Do you have what it takes to compete against your colleagues & climb up one rung on the corporate ladder?

Death By Audio Arcade


The Death By Audio Arcade consists of 8 homemade cabinets with indie battle games. Bring your friends and face off in games of capture the flag, boat racing, and space football. Four enter, but only one can win.

Sound, Sight and Stairs


A walk on the stairs can be more than just a way to get from one place to another. When your steps create sound and video, an everyday trip becomes an awesome experience!



PedX is a device for families worried about crossing the street safely with small kids. Attached to a stroller, PedX alerts vehicles to your presence via a bright LED, horn & one-touch camera for taking photos of bad drivers.


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