We Can Pickle That!


Cucumbers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to veggies that can be transformed into tasty pickled treats. In this hands-on workshop, Kelly McVicker of McVicker Pickles will show you how to make delicious pickles at home. After a quick demo of the steps involved in making both fermented and vinegar-brined pickles, we'll get to chopping. As we work, we'll talk about flavor combinations, how to experiment with new recipes without compromising food safety, and how to incorporate pickles into your meals.

Making the Perfect Dip


Learn to create the perfect dips by pairing spice packets with various bases to best enhance the flavor of your final dish! Spice packets contain dehydrated vegetables, herbs, spices and cheese with no added salt or sugar. Dip base options include Greek yogurt, hummus, sour cream, cream cheese and mayonnaise. n * which spice packets naturally pair best with each base optionn * how to choose the appropriate base for your purposen * how to create your family's favorite healthy dip basen

meet modio, a new app that lets you design and print your own toys at home


modio, it's the new app that lets you design & customize incredible creatures and turn them into toys using a desktop 3D printer. Easy to use drag and drop functionality lets you build creatures, characters and constructs free-form or from pre-designed templates. Customization features including surface textures let you personalize your creation and then with the press of a button, your parts are magically sorted by color and prepped to print. So the app is fun but the outcome is also outstanding. With modio, you get to play! These creations are printed bit by bit and designed to snap together and provide some pretty amazing pose-ability.

Mushroom Cultivation


This presentation will provide faire goers all they need to know to go home and start growing mushrooms! Hands on will be offered all day both days of the faire at our booth to reinforce what is taught in the presentation. nWe will also offer folks the chance to make their own kit to take home so they can get started right away!

Making Makers Out of Young Children


What does it mean to be a maker for somebody who hasn't yet learned how to hold a pencil, much less a soldering iron? Rebecca Grabman, MAKESHOP Manager at Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, will talk about what ''making'' means with young children, giving examples of different contexts including families in informal scenarios, partnerships with local pre-K and Kindergarten classes, professional development opportunities for teachers, and work with educational media producers. MAKESHOP's practice is rooted in both formal research and practical facilitation.

Life-Size Mousetrap


The Life Size Mousetrap is a fantastically hand crafted, 16 piece, 50,000-lb. interactive kinetic sculpture set atop a 6,500-square-foot game board. This giant Rube Goldberg style contraption comes complete with a Vaudevillian style show, original Musical score by the one woman band Esmerelda Strange, Sexy Mice can-can dancers, clown workers, acrobatic hi jinks, and other spectacular scenes dedicated to the pursuit of spectacle-laden fun!