Build It Green!NYC


Build It Green!NYC will be crafting with usable second hand building materials, reclaimed from NYC construction projects. And for all those excess building materials not needed after the Faire is over, we'll collect those too

From WikiHouse to WikiFactory


In 2011 we launched WikiHouse - an open source construction system that aims to make it possible for anyone to download, CNC-cut & assemble their own house. WikiHouse is now a growing community for digitally fabbed housing with teams in New Zealand, France, Brazil, the US & the UK. In 2012-13 we followed WikiHouse with OpenDesk - open source design furniture made locally. OpenDesk connects digital designs with a network of fabricators able to make on demand, in response to local orders. We are now building - a full platform for distributed making of design products. We're looking for designers & makers who share our vision.



We are a Colombia based non-profit organization that seeks the balance between what is missing and what is left.rnOur mission is to develop and enhance cultural and creative projects to protect our environment.

Mauro’s Pianos


In early February, artist Mauro Ffortissimo brought a grand piano to the beach in Half Moon Bay and for two weeks he played at sunset to growing crowds. The project was called Sunset Piano. When the piano had to be removed, he destroyed it ceremoniously in flames. Here are its charred remains.