At just 3 ft tall, Popcade is a a 50% scale working arcade machine I designed & built from scratch. Features authentic arcade cabinet artwork, real joysticks, & a unique dual-monitor design to showcase original game art.



Nest, a new stop-motion felted wool video game. Nest is a competitive, 2v2 local multiplayer game where you control cute, wobbly and wonky felted wool creatures and fight to control all the nests in the sky!

Flying Penguin


Flying Penguin is a game that encourages children with asthma between the ages of 5 and 8 to practice breathing. The goal of this game is to make a skiing penguin jump as far as possible by blowing on the beak whistle.

Minecraft to Maker


A guide for crafters and their parental units on how Minecraft is inspiring a generation of Makers. Kids who attend will build a redstone torch from an LED and parents will finally know why ''Minecraft isn't just another video game.'' Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mass Communication, Video Production, Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Project Management, and more are skills being used and learned through Minecraft.


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