How to Make the Biggest Family Tree Ever


We're in the midst of a revolution in family history. Thanks to the Internet and DNA, we can now make family trees with MILLIONS of people. This is the ultimate social network. My tree has 78 million people on it, including everyone from Abe Lincoln to Gwyneth Paltrow. With all these relatives, I will be holding the Global Family Reunion in June of 2015 right here at the NYSCI.



To dazzle and delight the kids we have created a customizable arduino powered labyrinth. The course can be changed to be as challenging as you can dream and create! Stretch your mind in maze theory and design.

The Fun-o-Meter


The Employee of the Month competition is just around the corner, finally you can receive your much deserved promotion! Do you have what it takes to compete against your colleagues & climb up one rung on the corporate ladder?

Death By Audio Arcade


The Death By Audio Arcade consists of 8 homemade cabinets with indie battle games. Bring your friends and face off in games of capture the flag, boat racing, and space football. Four enter, but only one can win.

Sound, Sight and Stairs


A walk on the stairs can be more than just a way to get from one place to another. When your steps create sound and video, an everyday trip becomes an awesome experience!



A two player board game designed to test and improve one's chopsticking skills. While the sushi bowl spins, each player has 30 seconds to pick up as much sushi as possible while accurately holding the chopsticks.



At just 3 ft tall, Popcade is a a 50% scale working arcade machine I designed & built from scratch. Features authentic arcade cabinet artwork, real joysticks, & a unique dual-monitor design to showcase original game art.


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