DIY Tea Blending


At DIY Tea Blending, you will learn how to craft your very own tea blend utilizing your senses of smell and taste. Christopher Coccagna, Certified Tea Specialist, and Master Tea Blender for T-WE TEA will teach you about tea then turn you loose!

Root to Stalk Cooking: Discovering a new way of looking at vegetables


We all want to eat more vegetables, yet cooking with them produces a lot of waste. Tara Duggan, author of ''Root to Stalk Cooking: The Art of Using the Whole Vegetable (Ten Speed, 2013), and a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer, will demonstrate how to get more out of each vegetable purchase, with ideas for being more creative, getting more flavor, saving money, and reducing waste. She'll show you how to use the parts of vegetables that are usually thrown away--chard stalks, fennel stalks, carrot tops and even apple peels--in inventive recipes.

Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy Harvest


I will be speaking in depth on soil fertility, organic gardening or farming as it relates to soil health and sustainability. How to build fertile soil and what are the important factors that need to be considered in order to achieve success in the garden and have a healthy harvest. nSpeaking about how microbial elements in the soil help break down the nutrients the plants need to thrive and what those elements are. Focusing on following the path nature established and mimicking those elements in your garden or farm to achieve the best possible conditions for your plants to thrive and be healthy to help resist disease and pests. n

Mushroom Cultivation


This presentation will provide faire goers all they need to know to go home and start growing mushrooms! Hands on will be offered all day both days of the faire at our booth to reinforce what is taught in the presentation. nWe will also offer folks the chance to make their own kit to take home so they can get started right away!

Your Sustainable Home Brewery: Crash Course In Building it and Using it


Presented by the author of the new book Sustainable Homebrewing, this workshop will focus on making choices for equipment and ingredients that are kind to the environment when setting up a home brewery. Also, the best techniques for brewing sustainably will be discussed as part of an overview of home brewing. A good summary of the key steps to making good beer will be included. Some hands on features can be included if the workshop is held at the location of the Sustainable Homebrewing Exhibit.

DIY Sriracha


In this presentation, I will demonstrate the process behind making homemade fermented Sriracha hot sauce, covering the basic science behind lacto-fermentation in addition to the the step-by-steps of the recipe. I'll potentially include a hands-on component to the presentation, so guests will be able to take home a jar of peppers to turn into hot sauce once they have been fermented.

Ginger Beer with Wild Fermentation


Learn to start a ginger ''bug'' at home with organic ginger. Within days you'll be creating ginger beers and sodas with this starter culture. The possibilities for drink concoctions is endless. This recipe will change your mind about sodas pop! Add the starter culture to flavored teas, fruit juices, or ginger ale base to create delicious beverages full of beneficial bacteria for your digestive track.

Sourdough Starters


We will learn how to make and keep a healthy sourdough starter using the natural yeasts from the air. Types of flours, yeasts, sugars, and your water are all factors in keeping a long-living and great tasting sourdough starter.

McVicker Pickles


McVicker Pickles makes unique pickles, mustards and jams in small batches. I take traditional recipes from the Heartland and ''Give 'em the McVicker!'' with fresh flavor combinations that reflect modern California tastes.