What makes a maker? – Habits, attitudes and skills that you can teach aspiring makers


I teach a maker after school program at Science World, in Vancouver, Canada. Inspired by that work, I've spent the past two years researching the common habits, attitudes, and skills of the maker community, so that I can teach them in my class. I will share the results of my research and talk about my experience putting them into practice.

Hacker Dojo


Hacker Dojo is a managed coworking and events space that caters to the community of developers in Mountain View, CA who want to just sit down and get to building stuff. It serves needs from robotics to entrepreneurship, and includes member-use facilities such as a fully-stocked electronics lab, a 3D printer, and free coffee. Visitors are welcomed for events or a nominal daily use fee!

SpaceGAMBIT – Hackerspace Space Program


SpaceGAMBIT is a 2 year $500k US Govt (DARPA) grant funded project to get makers involved in Space education, research and development. We will present summary of the projects funded in first year and talk about our 2nd year projects. n The first of our year 2 endeavors is a ''Portable Workstation Contest'' with Instructables.com which will be concluding about the time of the Bay Area Maker Faire.



MakerSwarm is an authoring tool for the Internet of Everything.

It's about building apps across atoms and bits that flow liquidly across the social life of products, environments, and people. MakerSwarm unlocks the power of a trillion-node world so that everyday people; kids, moms, dads, weekend tinkerers, and burgeoning entrepreneurs can build powerful and fun new products and experiences in minutes instead of weeks or months.

MakerSwarm gives the power of X-ray vision to makers, so that they can ""see"" into any of the smart devices around them, from cell phones to TV sets, from connected thermostats to wearable sensors. It's about giving them visual tools so that they can grab ahold of any capability within a device and drag and drop it into a new app that spans across a swarm of your friend's devices in a massively peer-to-peer community.

MakerSwarm lowers the bar for building never-before-seen Internet of Everything experiences and unlocks the power of Trillions so that the best makers can earn rewards in the market of ideas.